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Welcome at the information site of experts working in the ETSI Specialist Task Force STF 422

Testing of ISO CALM FAST services

The project is finished - this page is no more updated!

Web-site of ETSI STF 422.

This web site is maintained by the STF leader Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer from ESF GmbH / Germany, in consultation with the STF members Mr. Yann Garcia from FSCOM / France, and Dr. Fausto Caneschi from LECIT Consulting s.r.l. / Italy. It presents publicly available information and the private views of these organizations. It is neither an official site from ETSI, nor an official site from ISO, but allows to monitor to some extent the work on ISO CALM FAST services and related tests.

Further information on global standardization of cooperative systems in ITS and on standardization at ISO TC204 WG16 is provided by ESF GmbH.

For information on EETS protocols and test suites please contact Dr. Caneschi.

For information on FAST protocols and test suites please contact Dr. Fischer.

For information on TTCN-3 for EETS and FAST test suites please contact Mr. Garcia.