STF 422 News - 23.2.2012

STF 422 is close to finalize the work on the abstract test suites for

We are already preparing a next step towards procurement of the basic set of CALM communication standards for C-ITS, i.e. creation of a test platform for conformance testing and certification. Work will start in April / May this year. Interested parties are invited to contact Dr. Fischer from ESF GmbH.

Note that ESF GmbH is also offering courses on how to use standards from ISO, CEN, ETSI and IEEE to build products for C-ITS.

The next session of STF 422 will be held in Sophia Antipolis. It is scheduled for March 2012 starting on Monday 19th.

STF 422 will give a presentation of the results of this project, and an introduction into testing at ETSI at the meeting of ISO TC204 in Melbourne, in April 2012.