STF 422 News - 22.12.2012

Dr. Fischer, leader of STF 422, will attend the ITS workshop in Doha / Qatar on February 7th through 9th 2012 which aims on presenting latest results on Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) with a focus on work done at CEN TC278 and ETSI TC ITS under EC mandate M/453.

Dr. Fischer will give a presentation on Conformance and interoperability testing of C-IITS protocol implementations compliant with standards from ETSI, CEN and ISO in Session 5 "Managing the five senses of ITS" on the extension of an existing ITS test platform at ETSI, which was originally designed to allow for conformance test of the ETSI ITS communication standards and application standards.

The extension will broaden the scope of testing at ETSI by supporting communications and applications standards from all SDOs working in the domain of C-ITS. A technical focus will be on the ISO CALM-specific efficient upper tester access, which constitues a standardized access for "no additional cost".

For more information, please contact Dr. Fischer at +49 (1570) 3545571.