STF 422 News - 3.9.2011

STF 422 attended the meeting of ISO TC204 WG16 in Kyoto in August 2011 and provided further feedback to the base standards. Three sessions dedicated to STF 422 work were run:

In a follow-up session at ETSI in Sophia Antipolis, the feedback from ISO on the test specifications, and new information on further modification of the base standards, was processed. The status of deliverables is as follows:

STF 422 presented the Interim Report for EC / EFTA to ETSI. This is the second milestone defined for the project.

Initial finalization of the three test suites is expected for end of 2011. Final quality checking and production of final drafts of deliverables for approval by TC ITS WG2 is planned for 2012, in line with Terms of References of STF 422.

Attempts to implement a test bed for CALM-compliant equipment are started.

STF 422 members plan to attend the next meeting of ISO TC204 WG16 in Tampa / Florida in October 2011 in order to present the implementation of test suites in TTCN-3, and to run a demonstration of conformance testing.

A further presentation is planned for the ETSI ITS workshop in 2012.

Certification for EETS equipment is expected in 2012, at least in one known major deployment in France, thus the test suite on HDR-DSRC will have to be implemented. An expert from STF 422 was invited to assist in the certification activity related to this deployment with particular emphasis on the developed test suite for HDR-DSRC.