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Introduction to the suite of CALM FAST services!

The suite of CALM FAST services is specified in ISO 24102 and ISO 29281, with major references to ISO 21218. It contains the following protocols:

CALM FAST was developed at ISO TC204 WG16 simultaneously with the development of the ITS station platform for Cooperative ITS of the CVIS project. CVIS implemented and validated successfully both FAST services.

ISO TC204 WG16 prepared for harmonization of the Basic Set of Communication Standards (CALM, "Communications Access for Land Mobiles") for Cooperative ITS (C-ITS). As a part of this harmonization, FAST services will be technically improved slightly (minor modifications), and will be adopted (Service Advertisement / Service Announcement) by ETSI TC ITS.

STF 422 considered the known requested improvements for the development of the abstract test suite for CALM FAST. This includes changes in terminology. Based on the feedback from STF 422 to ISO, TC204 WG16 started to reorganize the base standards, which are now available as Draft International Standards (ballot before publication)

TC 204 WG16 started to implement editorial improvements and minor technical adjustments. Simultaneously, ISO 21218 is harmonized as part of the periodic revision requested by ISO.